Hi there! Julian here, your Community Manager at PROCESIO, and in this news update I’ll be sharing with you our October highlights:

Incompatible or outdated software are applications that are still in use for core or non-core services in a company or organization, but fail to meet new technology or business demands arising from market changes.

It often happens that these applications are monolithic, lack flexibility, and become very costly to maintain…

Hi there! Julian here, your Community Manager at PROCESIO, and in this news update I’ll be sharing with you our September highlights:

Workspace management is here

Recently we’ve…

Four months ago we launched in private beta aiming to learn and improve the platform through feedback from our early adopters.

And learn we did! We want to thank our beta testers for their critical eye and valuable insights on the feel and usability of the tool, which helped us…

When done right, internal operations can make a business work like a well-oiled machine. When not, systems can become inefficient and counterproductive.

To manage and share information, companies can either use internal tools custom-built for their business, or standardized tools that can only streamline processes to a limited extent.


I am happy to see that we have a growing number of subscribers who can test the early functionalities of the tool, and also help us fix potential bugs as we improve it.

Subscribers that have an invite code can skip the line and get access to the tool faster.

Good news coming from our no-code journey.

We have successfully closed a seed funding round via SeedBlink and raised €645k in capital.

This will allow us to fully set our growth plan in action for the coming period:

Imagine the following scenario.

A sales expert in a large organisation struggles to keep track and follow-up with all the customer touch-points in her sales funnel.

She works with a CRM system which currently does not make it possible to centralise all data from prospects, sales leads and customers, so…

This is an adapted transcription of the NoCode Wealth Podcast E123 by Abdulaziz M Alhamdan M.Sc. published on March 24, 2021

My guest today is Marian. Marian is a no-code evangelist and CEO at PROCESIO, an enterprise-grade no-code software and automation platform. Marian, how did the idea come to be…

Experts predict that it can take as much as 50 years to meet the demand for software using the currently available development workforce and resources.

Traditional coding remains a largely manual, lengthy and inflexible process.

Enterprises often have to deal with legacy systems and difficult integrations which make it hard…

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